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About i3 Capital Advisors



i3 Capital Advisors is a capital markets consulting firm staffed with seasoned experts that provide comprehensive due diligence for institutional RIAs, high net worth investors, crowdfunding platforms, broker dealers, hedge funds and venture capital companies.


Our team of knowledgeable and professional capital market experts, in conjunction with our joint venture partners The Venture Alliance, have over 80 years of combined experience working with public and private corporations seeking to raise capital.

Most significantly, our team works extensively with our referral partners consisting of institutional investors, RIAs, broker dealers and other fiduciaries by diligently reviewing and evaluating contemplated investments as a third party to insure they have an unbiased opinion before committing capital.


Through the use of TVA’s unique and proprietary Fundability Assessment & SCORE Report, we are able to provide a comprehensive report with a detailed analysis of a company’s business that highlights strengths and weaknesses within each company evaluated, as well as a score that identifies whether or not the company is ready for investor capital.


Since many of our referral partners manage investor capital and don’t just invest for their own benefit, it is their fiduciary responsibility to perform thorough due diligence on all investments to both help increase the odds of success, as well as to remain compliant with various industry regulations.


In addition to working with referral partners whom refer companies to us for due diligence reviews, many of our clients are entrepreneurs and corporate executives themselves whom come directly to us for the purpose of preparing for a capital raise. Visionary executives and entrepreneurs realize that raising capital can be a difficult process if they aren’t properly prepared and organized.


i3 Capital Advisors consists of a staff that has literally created and made thousands of investor presentations, so we know exactly how to help companies prepare for this process, which makes us a valuable partner for both public and private companies seeking capital.


Because we know exactly what the most critical questions investors will ask, we are able assist companies with a vulnerability assessment that identifies strengths and weaknesses before they enter the board room so as not to waste precious time and money in those first crucial months.


Exceptional customer service and professionalism is at the forefront of everything we do here at i3 Capital Advisors, and helping our clients achieve their capital financial goals and dreams is what we are passionate about.

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