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Are You Ready for Capital?

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Fundability Assessment & SCORE Report
i3 Capital Advisors has partnered with TVA USA to provide our clients with the most powerful fundability assessment available today. Companies we work with are encouraged to take this comprehensive assessment in order to get a complete evaluation on all aspects of a company's business so that we can identify if they are ready for investor capital.
Prior to making an investment presentation to knowledgeable and qualified investors, we urge our clients to know how they might be perceived before they even enter any such meetings. By obtaining a comprehensive evaluation first, management teams are able to prepare for the hard questions that are likely to come up during an investor conference and are better equipped to handle them with confidence. The majority of companies seeking capital do so without understanding the nuances of raising capital.
An additional benefit to this process is that each client is provided with a TVA SCORE, which is a numerical rating that allows investors to know in advance if a company is investible. Any score over 1,000 points means a company is investible, as described by TVA under their standards.
Many investment banks, hedge funds, venture capitalists and private investors have adopted TVA's Fundability Assessment & SCORE Report as a standard by which to filter out investment opportunities, only considering companies that have achieved this score as a way to protect their investors and to insure they only make investments that stand up to critical scrutiny.

Benefits of the Fundability Assessment & SCORE Report


i3 Capital Advisors is always looking for the next exciting opportunity that is ready to change the world and how we live in it. That is why we would like to encourage you to take our Fundability Assessment to see how you rank among your industry peers and to identify if you're a candidate for our team of experienced capital consultants. 

In order to help us efficiently and effectively evaluate opportunities, we've added this tool, created by The Venture Alliance (TVA) and in association with Pepperdine Graziadio Business School to help you get a better idea of how your company would look to a professional investor. TVA's proprietary scoring algorithm incorporates a range of variables such as: financial projections, market opportunity, intellectual property and the strength of the management team, just to name a few. Once you've completed the Qualifier, TVA crunches your data and generates a radar graph that shows your strengths and weaknesses. 

Historical data has shown that companies that are deemed fundable under the TVA scoring model are funded 85% of the time. This is in stark contrast to the daunting statistic showing that no more than 10% of all companies seeking funding are successful at raising the capital they need. Since companies that score well are deemed more promising and theoretically have a better shot at raising capital than those that don't, we feel that this Assessment is one of the best steps you can make to get your company on track towards capital raising success. 


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